Okay, this is the section of my website where I do my best King Kong move, roar into the sky and pound my chest.

Originally from Cape Coral, Florida, I was brought up in a die-hard Red Sox nation household, celebrating in victory and suffering with defeat. This helped prepare me for a career in advertising at an early age. I grew up playing baseball, fishing and creating art on the beach in sunny southwest Florida. Realizing my dreams of playing major league baseball were out of reach, I packed up my markers and headed north to pursue my advertising dream and the love of Chicago house music.

I’m an old school/new school artist by trade. I’ve concepted and developed work on many brands over my career. Some big names and some smaller brand names; Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Nintendo, Samsung, P&G, Philip Morris, Coca-Cola, Kraft, Jim Beam, Leinenkugel’s, Kalahari Resorts, The Boss Snowplow, Buddig, Old Wisconsin & Comcast SportsNet to name a few.

With a “can do” attitude, I approach every assignment with a fresh perspective, bringing useful ideas and real insights to every thing I touch. No matter how big or how small the project is, I look at every assignment as an opportunity and a personal challenge. I see my craft as art meets commerce with the goal of moving product and creating an insightful connection with the customer.

From a wide range of experiences and a variety of hybrid skills in my toolbox, I’m not afraid to bust out a marker and draw my own storyboards or rework a brief if it doesn’t feel right. I’ve done everything from Creative Directing to Art Directing, DP to Director, Producer to Art Buyer from Digital design to 3D model making. I’m a content creator with a knack for butchering the English language.

In my career I’ve worked with some very talented writers, artists, directors, clients and advertising pros. Especially, long time partners – Patrick McHugh, Jason Wright and T.S. Elliott. I feel very fortunate to be and have been surrounded by such great partners and teammates. I hope you enjoy my work.

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