It Takes A Village

My team and I set out on a mission to find what powers Southern California’s Lowriders. Batteries? Yes and No. Our search found a deeper story, one of artistry and passion, and showed us that Ultimate Power doesn’t just come from OPTIMA but from unbreakable bonds of family and friends connected by a shared passion. Our story helped change the preconceived notions of the Lowriding subculture and shined a positive light on where true power comes from—a close-knit community.

  • Categories: Digital-Social
  • Client: Optima Batteries
  • DP: Chris LeClerc
  • EDITOR: Andy Ramsey
  • PRODUCER: Carla Englof
  • AD: Danny Weilandt
  • AD: Luca Pontarelli
  • CW: Jaclyn Holtzman
  • ECD: Steve Simoncic
  • ACCOUNT: Steve Fernald
  • ACCOUNT: Jake Cripe
  • B CAM: Kendal Miller
  • SOUND: Michael Mason/Stir Post
  • COLORIST: Mike Matusek/Nolo
  • MUSIC: Mat Martin/Extreme