Unthink the Past

How do you target the right messaging to the right people?

First, you go from big creative campaign development plays to rapid relevant content development plans.

Second, you focus on brand experiences rather than focusing on consumer experiences.

Third, shift from a channel specific approaches to an omni-channel approaches.

Lastly, go from TV centric mindsets to a mobile first and social by design thinking.

While all the while making sure the content your crafting and creating meets best practices for Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

It’s quality and relevance of messaging through programmatic.

Making sure the consumer experience is seamless while shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, via phone, or in a brick-and-mortar store. All the while building awareness and trial for new and priority ConAgra brands and products.


  • Categories: Digital-Social
  • ACD/CW: Will Wilson
  • ACD/AD: Justin Soest
  • AE/PRODUCER: Aimee Z
  • AE: Kurt Schultz
  • ECD: Steve Simoncic
  • STRATEGIST: Pat Goggin