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India Pale Lager

So, what the “L” is the difference with Leinenkugel’s new IPL? For the launch of this new beer to the Leinenkugel’s brand, we literally took a whole a new path. And, instead of creating photoshopped images for print, digital, POS and OOH, we gave the handcrafted beer it’s justice and made real handcrafted advertising. How? We actually carved it out of wood, right down to the body copy and social icons. For social, I directed and shot a video for the Leinenkugel’s Facebook page that showed Leine’s fans Scott Zuziak’s process in creating the handcrafted IPL art.

  • Categories: Print-OHH
  • Client: Leinenkugel's
  • WOODCARVER: Scott Zuziak
  • AD: Andrew Nordquist
  • EDITOR: Andy Ramsey