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Life & Leinie’s

With boots on the ground – I charged a small creative task force with the goal to capture seasonal content for Leinenkugel’s print, OOH, POS, social, digital, posters and even coasters. My strategy was to keep the set ups real, letting the spring, summer, fall and winter “out here” moments unfold naturally and authentically. Our creative crew with photographer, Kevin Arnold set up camp in the great Northwoods capturing the spirit and tone of what “Life & Leinie’s” is all about. No time was wasted on the productions, our lunch breaks even became part of the shoot schedule. The idea for the print campaign, mirrors the tradition of Leinie’s fans submitting their own personal Leinenkugel’s images that are proudly displayed in a big collage at the Leinie’s lodge.

  • Categories: Print-OHH
  • Client: Leinenkugel's
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Kevin Arnold
  • AD: Bianca Bertolini
  • RETOUCHING: Giannini Creative
  • CD/AD: Janson Straub